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Brand: Educational Colours
Product Code: ECFCMM5
Product Unit: SET6
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Suppliers Code: FCMM5
Barcode: 9314289030575
Previous Product Code: 33241

Maxi Markers are perfect for beginner drawers as they have been designed for young children to grip easily in their little hands.
These non-toxic Maxi Markers have sink proof nibs, are super washable and are filled with water-based ink that washes out easily in cold water.
Create your artwork with thick, broad strokes or fine lines by using the nib at different angles.
Designed with young children in mind, these markers have large, child-safe ventilated caps.
Markers that have been left with the cap off can easily be re-hydrated by dipping the nib in water.
Set of 5 bright and vibrant colours will ensure children enjoy unleashing their creativity!